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Pies to be enjoyed best with mash and peas. 200g pie feeds 1 person, 700g pie feeds 2-3 people. Please let us know if you would like your pies hot or cold to be baked at home. You can pre-order through our WEBSHOP. Or pre-order through mail INFO@STBARTPUB.COM or call us +49 30 40751175 during our opening hours Wed-Sun 13.00-20.00. Please don't forget to tell us your name and your pick up time.
Or just come by.


pickled egg 1,50
potato skins 1,50
scratchings (chicken or pork daily changing) 3
sausage roll 6


peas & mint 2,50 per person
mash 3,50 per person
cauliflower & three cheese 5


spinach, chard, feta (veg) 7 (200g) | 18 (700g)
chicken, tarragon, bacon 8 (200g) | 20 (700g)
steak & ale 8,50 (200g) | 22 (700g)
lamb shank shepherd's x | 24 (700g)
fish x | 26 (700g)


dessert of the day 4,50

Baking Instructions

Please preheat your oven to 200 °C (fan 180 °C). Bake small pies for 10min, large pies for 25-30min. Cauliflower 15min, mash 10min. Trust your eyes. Large pies and cauliflower are ready when brown and crispy on top. Pies can be baked in the tin without the lid. Peas should be boiled for 3min in boiling water.